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Discover Seville

The city associated with iconic figures such as Carmen, Don Juan, and Figaro

Seville, the capital of the Andalusia Region, sits gracefully beside the Guadalquivir river, a land steeped in the legacies of Romans, Moors, and Christians. Legend traces its origins to Hercules and the Tartessian civilization, but its golden age dawned with the discovery of America in 1492.

Beyond its stunning monuments, Seville is renowned for its lively spirit and vibrant streets. From the wit and sparkle of its locals to the lively atmosphere of its bars, this is the city of Carmen, Don Juan, and Figaro.

Seville embodies the essence of Andalusia, its culture, gastronomy, and monuments weaving a tapestry of beauty and history. With numerous UNESCO World Heritage Sites and a rich culinary tradition, every corner offers a journey into the past and a taste of authentic Spanish living.

Join us at Soul de España for a special tour, exploring hidden gems and UNESCO sites while indulging in a tapas tour led by our gastronomy expert. From the intricate beauty of the Plaza de España to the historic allure of the Reales Alcazares, let our local Andalusian guides unveil the charms of this extraordinary city.

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