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Discover Cádiz

and the Enchanting White Villages

In inland Andalusia, the charming whitewashed villages known as Pueblos Blancos adorn the steep slopes of the mountains, extending north of Gibraltar. These quintessential towns often bear the moniker “de la Frontera,” a nod to their historical role as boundary markers between Christian and Muslim territories during the Middle Ages. While Catholic forces eventually prevailed, the enduring Moorish influence imbues these towns with architectural allure, boasting labyrinthine streets, fortress-like walls, and quaint whitewashed houses adorned with wrought-iron grilles.

Soul de España has secured two delightful nights in Arcos de la Frontera, hailed as Spain’s premier Pueblo Blanco. Nestled in a spectacular setting, its old town, perched atop the ridge, is a captivating blend of Moorish and Renaissance influences. Meandering through steep narrow streets, visitors ascend to Plaza Cabildo, where shady squares beckon and authentic tapas bars offer warm hospitality.

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