Discover Cordoba

Eternal Blend of Moorish and Roman Majesty

Once upon a time, Cordoba reigned as the grandest and most magnificent city in the world.

During the Caliphate era, it boasted a population of a million people, over 800 Arabic baths, and illuminated streets centuries ahead of London and Paris. Cordoba even held Europe’s first university.

This city holds a place of distinction, being the capital of Hispania Ulterior under the Romans and the capital of the Caliphate of the Omeyas.

Its intellectual and artistic richness gave rise to luminaries like Seneca, Averroes, and Maimonides.

Wandering its streets reveals intricate alleys, charming squares adorned with flowers, and lush plants.

A highlight of any visit is the Mosque-Cathedral of Cordoba, a masterpiece blending Islamic and Christian architecture. Its arcaded hypostyle hall, adorned with 856 columns of precious materials, is a marvel to behold.

Designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it stands as Spain’s most visited monument and the world’s fourth.

In Cordoba, let the city enchant you: with flamenco performances, theater, bullfighting, or simply savoring the intimate tour meticulously prepared by Soul de España.

Type of Cuisine

Cordoba’s cuisine, reflecting its inland character, boasts a rich array of ingredients sourced from its abundant gardens and orchards. Game, locally produced meats, and fresh fruits and vegetables form the backbone of its culinary traditions.

Complemented by the region’s renowned olive oil and excellent local wines, Cordoban dishes offer a delightful gastronomic experience. Travelers can savor delicacies such as broad bean casserole, asparagus with scrambled eggs, cochifrito (fried suckling pig), lamb casserole, migas serranas (fried seasoned breadcrumbs), and stewed bull’s tail, sourced from fighting bulls.

To beat the summer heat, gazpacho and salmorejo (a thicker version of gazpacho made with bread) provide refreshing options. Cordoba’s restaurants also showcase Mozarabic dishes like lamb with honey, a delectable specialty available year-round.

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