… is Ronda. That is where you should go if you ever go to Spain on a honeymoon or if you ever elope with anyone. The entire town and as far as you can see in any direction is romantic in background … any honeymoon or elopement is bound to be a success!

Ernest Hemingway

Ancient Ronda has deeply captivated people and artists have fallen to the charms of this city.

The landscape, the layout of the town, its history, the romantic legend of its bandits, the cradle of bullfighters and artists with their evocative names, a place where birds fly beneath your feet as you lean out over the Tajo gorge:

All this make Ronda a truly unique village.


This Andalusian village invites to take a leisurely walk through its streets, feeling and absorbing every detail stopping at every corner and historic monument, and then stop and delight yourself in one of the restaurants offering an abundant selection of dishes and specialty wines from the local cuisine.



At the end of your day, after discovering the wonders of this eternal city, Soul de España will take you to one of the traditional Patios within an Andalusian garden to enjoy an intimate flamenco guitar concert.

Always with us a journey into your senses…




Visitors will find endless gastronomic delights on the coast of Malaga and Ronda. Small fish (anchovies, red mullet, mackerel, squid and baby squid) served fried are the hallmark dish in a cuisine which is characterised by its simple presentation and its exquisite tastes. The prawns from the bay, the clams and the boiled or grilled Dublin Bay prawns all have a special flavour.


In the interior of the province you will find delicious cured meats and hearty fare: kid with garlic, fried kid, hare… There are countless recipes for gazpacho  in Malaga: ajoblanco (with garlic and almonds), porra antequeranagazpachuelo (with fish)… The locally-produced wines, made from raisins and muscatel grapes, and the Pedro Ximénez sweet wine are internationally renowned.

A whole universe of flavours to be enjoyed by visitors to this ancient land.

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