If you are in Andalusia you should not miss a visit to the craft shops, street markets and shopping centres to be found throughout the Region.


Andalusia is home to excellent craftsmen, and you will find an array of different items in wrought iron, wood, wicker, fans, embroidered shawls and mantillas, ceramics, leather items, riding accessories, glassware, etc. Here you will also find wonderful cured meats, with different specialities to try in each area. Why not take back a sample to delight your friends and family? If you have more of a sweet tooth, then the different convents to be found across Andalusia produce traditional sweets and pastries, baked with love, patience and excellent natural ingredients. There are also confectioners that maintain the sweet-making skills of the Moors. You can sample these Arabic delicacies with a good cup of coffee or take them home with you.

In all the provinces of Andalusia there are shopping centres offering top Spanish and international brands in clothing, home accessories, gifts, appliances and anything else you might require. They also have leisure and eating areas where you can rest and recover after a look around the different shops.

The street markets to be found in different towns and villages around Andalusia offer a wide, unusual array of items. There are fruit and vegetable markets, antiques, clothes and footwear markets. In some places you will find markets offering the most unusual mix of different products. Outdoor markets are ideal to have a pleasant stroll around the place in question, and at the same time you can learn about local customs and people.

Finally, if you tend to leave your souvenirs for the very end, then don’t worry, there are Duty Free shops at Spanish airports offering a complete range of items for all your last minute shopping. You will find all kinds of things, from perfumes to typical souvenirs of Andalusia.


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