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Andalusia is one of the leading global reference points for all things associated with the world of horses. Andalusia is home to excellent breeds, and has a host of stud farms for Arabian, Anglo-Arabian, Hispano-Arabian, English horses… These farms train and prepare them for different types of dressage.


However, the most emblematic horse in Andalusia is the Spanish thoroughbred or Andalusian horse. The exceptional qualities and feats of this breed are often reflected in the annals of history. The Romans mention the beautiful, docile, brave horses of Hispania, and it was Philip II of Spain who established the definitive bases for what would be the Spanish thoroughbred, creating the Royal Cordoba Cavalry, which brought together the best horses from the banks of the Guadalquivir River, as well as the “Royal Stud Farm” (now known as the “National Stud Farm”).

Nowadays, these horses must pass stringent controls to certify their authenticity, and they have been strategically crossed with other autochthonous breeds to create new breeds such as “lipizzaner” and “paso fino”.

Their physical characteristics are as follows: Well-proportioned head of medium length; lightly arched, muscular neck of medium size and length; well-proportioned, robust trunk; flexible back, short and sufficiently broad in relation to the animal’s overall body structure; rounded hindquarters, lightly inclined; low-slung tail with agile, elevated, harmonious, rhythmic movement. In short, this is a magnificent breed that is also a well-balanced horse, with harmony of form, intelligent and willing in work, docile, obedient, noble and resilient.


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