Wine and Bodegas

The cultivation of vines in Andalusia goes back over many centuries and the region is renowned for the production of prestigious wines which are known the world over. Thanks to the growth in maritime trade, the 16th and 17th centuries were a period of particular growth.


The topography, geology and climate of Andalusia are all ideal for the cultivation of vines. The Mediterranean climate with all its different micro climates, the mild average temperatures (16ºC), the lack of frosts and hailstorms, and the long hours of sunshine, combine with the contrasting altitudes and systems of maturing  to create wines of exceptional quality, with a wide variety of types and characteristics.

Wine Architecture


Over the centuries the wine producers have gradually adapted their buildings and beautified their bodegas to create an equilibrium between functionality and aesthetics. As such, the high ceilings and thick walls of the bodegas with their sandy soil floors which can be irrigated, maintain the ideal temperature and humidity for the successful maturing of fine wines. In the Jerez wine producing wine4
area the bodegas are situated on the coast or on raised areas of ground so that the wines receive the morning sea breezes and the humid winds of the ocean. With the growth of wine tourism, numerous haciendas, estates and bodegas have opened their doors to the public. They offer guided visits and tastings, and some even organise equestrian or flamenco shows to complete a unique experience.


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