Cordoba, eternal Moorish and Roman


Once upon a time Cordoba was the biggest and most beautiful city in the World.

In the time of the Caliphate a million people lived in the city, there were more than 800 Arabic baths, and the city even had illuminated streets 700 years before London, and Paris, as well as having the first University in Europe.

Cordoba belongs to a very exclusive list of cities.

Not many cities around the World hold the pride of being both the main capital of the Hispania Ulterior under the Romans, and the main capital of the Caliphate of the Omeyas.

With its intellectual and artistic splendour, the city has produced one of the most remarkable figures in knowledge and universal wisdom: Seneca, Averroes o Maimonides.

 To walk through the city is to discover beautiful intricate little streets, hidden squares painted white and decorated with flowers and exuberant plants.

One of the biggest highlight of your journey in this charming eternal Andalusian city:

The Mosque-Cathedral of Cordoba.

Is the most important monument of all the Western Islamic world, and one of the most amazing in the world. The evolution of this wonder “Omeya” style in Spain is visible in the history of the monument, as well as other styles such as the Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque of the Christian architecture.

The building is most notable for its arcaded hypostyle hall, with 856 columns made of incredible jasper, onyx, marble, and granite.

The Mosque- Cathedral is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the most visited monument in Spain, and fourth in the World.

In Cordoba let the city charm you:

Flamenco performance, theatre, even a bullfighting event or simply feel and enjoy as any Spaniard the very intimate Tour that Soul de España has preciously prepared for you…


The cuisine of Cordoba, typical of inland areas, includes ingredients such as game, locally produced meat and the abundant fruits and vegetables produced in its gardens and orchards.

Olive oil and the excellent local wine are the perfect accompaniment for this delicious cuisine. Travellers can sample the broad bean casserole, asparagus with scrambled eggs, the cochifrito (fried suckling pig), lamb casserole, the typical migas serranas (fried seasoned breadcrumbs) and the stewed bull’s tail, whose main ingredient comes from the fighting bulls.


The gazpacho and salmorejo (thick gazpacho made with bread) are delicious dishes for tempering the summer heat. The restaurants in Cordoba have also added to their menus Mozarabic dishes such as lamb with honey, a speciality that can be enjoyed all year round.

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