Cádiz, The White Villages

Houses are meticulously whitewashed to a state of pristine splendour, a dazzling contrast to the plant pots spilling over with brightly coloured flowers.”

 The brilliantly whitewashed villages and towns of inland Andalusia are called Pueblos Blancos. These are archetypal towns and villages that dot the steep slopes of the mountains, which extend north of Gibraltar.

Many towns have “de la Frontera” as part of their name, an ancient reference to the frontier towns that formed a boundary between Christian-held territories and Muslim towns and villages during the Middle Ages. Although the Catholic troops eventually triumphed, it is often the Moorish influence that makes these towns architecturally interesting, with their labyrinths of narrow, cobblestone streets, their fortress-like walls, and their little whitewashed houses with the characteristic wrought-iron grilles.

Soul de España has booked two gorgeous nights in the Arcos de la Frontera, considered by many to be Spain’s premier “pueblo blanco” there is no doubt that its situation is absolutely spectacular.

The old town, at the highest point on the ridge, is a maze of steep narrow streets leading up to the Plaza Cabildo…a fascinating town, part Moorish, part Renaissance, here and there shady streets open into small squares there’s usually a tapas bar offering authentic hospitality

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