Barcelona! How to describe its many wonders? Cosmopolitan, modern, traditional, luminous, lively, and always different, Barcelona will let you to discover its thousand faces, a city that is really a region, filled with stunning art and architecture.

 This remarkable city possesses nine UNESCO World Heritage sites, many of them linked by the same name: Antoni Gaudi.

Immerse yourself in some of the city’s main sights, the incredible La Sagrada Familia Cathedral by Antoni Gaudi, the master of the unique Catalan Modernista architecture. Visit three grand museums to enrich your experience: The Gaudi, Picasso and, Miro. Unforgettable!

There are also dozens of others museums and art galleries in the city, so you will have plenty of art to explore and experience during your visit! In Barcelona, colour is everywhere!! This city is a celebration of life.

In the afternoon, treat your senses to superb dining, the non-stop nightlife, and wander the colourful narrow streets of the Old Gothic Quarter leading to the famous Barcelona boulevard, La Rambla, a sensory promenade overload, with souvenirs, hawkers, street artist, shops, bars  – all part of the ever-changing, lively street scene.

Sit back, order your sangria, relax and chill out in the Spanish way with the shore of the stunning Mediterranean in your sight. There is no other city quite like Barcelona.

At the end of your day, after discovering the wonders of this eternal city, Soul de España will take you to one of the traditional Patios within an Andalusian garden to enjoy an intimate flamenco guitar concert.

Always with us a journey into your senses…



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